Computer Forensics, Computer Crimes, and Data Recovery

Computer Forensics

Computer forensics is the science of obtaining information from computers and digital media. This information is usually intended to be used as legal evidence. The aim of the computer forensic analyst is twofold. First, he or she must retrieve data from the computer discs and other digital media in question. Then the data must be stored. It must be stored in a manner that is safe and that allows the analyst to affirm that it was found on the original device. A computer forensics specialist must be expert in both the technology of data recovery and the legal aspects of evidence handling.

Computer Crimes

Computer forensics is a relatively new science. Before the 1980s, there were no personal computers and therefore no computer crimes. Now computers figure in a wide variety of illegal activity, both directly and in the form of an information storage medium.

There are some crimes in which computers are directly involved. One of these is hacking into corporate and government websites. Hackers may try to obtain information like customer’s credit card or bank account information. They may try to embarrass government agencies and prevent the access of citizens by shutting down websites or posting false information. Another crime is that of abuse in chat rooms and social media sites. This may take the form of bullying, encouraging others to attack a person or spreading false information about someone to damage their reputation.

In other crimes, the computer is not used in committing the crime itself. It is used to store information that may be used as evidence of the crime. This might include journals of criminal activity, spread sheets with financial information or emails.

Another category of computer crime might be considered to be one in which the computer is not absolutely necessary for the crime, but makes it much easier and more likely to be committed. Crimes of this nature might include storing child pornography or attempting to solicit meetings with minors.

Data Recovery Techniques

The main mission of the computer analyst is data recovery. There are several techniques that might be used:

Live Recovery – If the computer is seized while it is still running, or is shut down but operational, live recovery may be used. This may involve searching the hard drive of the computer using the installed operating system or third-party software.

Deleted File Recovery – Many people do not realize that when files are deleted from a computer, they are seldom actually removed from the hard drive. When the delete function is used, all this does is remove the file’s location from the computer’s file location list. Software is available to recover these files in most cases. Even if the hard drive has been erased, the data is often still there.

Steganography – This is an interesting method of hiding data in which the information is mixed into an image. The data may also be intermixed with the coding of a computer file.

Computer forensics is a fascinating science. Its practitioners must be part computer expert, part evidence handling specialist and part detective.

Choose A Case From These Five Manufacturers When Building A Good Gaming Computer

What Is A Good Gaming Computer Case?

If you’re looking to build a good gaming computer, then you need to take some time and choose high-quality components. One the components that most often gets overlooked in the building process, is the computer case. However, the computer case is essential in ensuring that your new gaming PC operates efficiently.

The case is the container that holds your computer components and keeps them protected against the outside elements. When purchasing your gaming computer case, you want to choose something sturdy and durable. While computer cases used to be made out of either steel or plastic, nowadays, we are seeing more and more cases being made out of both steel and aluminum, to keep the case both light and sturdy.

Another important function of the computer case, is its role in the cooling process. For a good gaming computer, you want a case that is designed in such a way that it allows for good airflow and ventilation across your computer’s components. This is extremely important, because high temperatures can cause serious damage to the vital parts of your computer.

Choosing A Case: Go With Trusted Manufacturers

So, how do you know which computer case to choose? Well, there are a couple of ways that you can find a reliable case for the gaming computer you will build.

  1. Check consumer reviews at a reputable website, like (but be careful… a consumer who had a bad experience is much more likely to write a review than is a consumer who had a good experience.)
  2. Search relevant forums, like Tom’s Hardware, for posts on quality cases
  3. Browse the internet for articles on computer cases and check sites dedicated to building good gaming computers
  4. And, perhaps the best way to find a reliable case, is to choose a reputable manufacturer

If you use the above-mentioned methods to find your new case, you will definitely have the information you need to choose a quality product.

One of the biggest benefits of choosing a computer case from a reputable manufacturer, is that you know you will likely get a quality product, and should something go wrong, you will be well-protected. Manufacturers that have been around for awhile and/or are known to put out a quality product, will want to keep their name in high regards among their consumers. Therefore, the top manufacturers usually produce an outstanding product, have excellent technical support, and almost always offer superior warranties than their competitors.

So, who are the top computer case manufacturers in the industry? We have compiled a list of five case manufacturers that put out a good product, and have the support necessary to make them trustable.

  1. Antec
  2. Coolermaster
  3. Lian-Li
  4. Thermaltake
  5. Corsair

You would do well with a computer case from any of these five manufacturers. However, in order to build a good gaming computer, make sure when you are shopping for a case that you look for one that is designed to be used for a gaming computer. Not all cases are made equal, and not all of the cases put out by these manufacturers are going to be top-notch. They have to accommodate other consumer bases as well, and they will likely have many other products that won’t fit the needs of your gaming PC.