What Makes Windows 8 Popular in Technology Enthusiasts?

Windows 8 has created the most significant impact in the technology market and is gaining immediate interest of technology users worldwide. The reason why it is gaining instant popularity is the touch panel and the added features that it brings along with it. The new Windows platform is supportive of hybrids, tablets, laptops and other devices. However, there is a lot more to know about the Windows 8 ecosystem, let us find out what is it that makes it so popular.

The software unification

Windows 8 comes across as a touch sensitive system including the ability of delivering a unified experience to consumer platform. This means that what you see on the tablet is just similar to what you will see on some other system powered up by Windows 8. You will not require second-guessing yourself while using the interface.

Interestingly now making transition from the new version of Live ID to Linchpin is yet another thing to look for. Linchpin is the latest sign in service that is made available by MS Account. You need not have multiple ids to sign into your cloud service or communicate with other Windows based services and hardware devices. Establishing contact with other Windows based device is now made easier with it including gaming consoles, Smartphones and tablets. This also includes the support of SkyDrive that is functional across all the Windows devices. Additionally the inclusion of SmartGlass also makes the process of synchronization possible.

The Touch integration

Touch is the integral part and parcel of the Windows 8 software. Even if the display of your device is touch responsive Microsoft is aiming to include the help of Third-party development tools that will enable in app creation accordingly. However, it is not easy to ignore the applicability of touch in the device but still catering to the non-touch device customers. Nonetheless, touch sensitive devices are yet to take fully over the input hardware and computing devices that are still keyboard dependent. However, Microsoft seems to be gearing up with providing enhanced user experience by providing apps that can be used by touch as well as non-touch sensitive devices.

Leading the way to technology

Introducing a hi-tech Window in the technology market Microsoft has made a significant mark by paving the way to new age technology innovation. It is clearly indicative of the future technology that will herald in the new age computing. Incorporating the Surface RT with accessories of Keyboard cover is something that leaves an impact upon the technology users. This sets an example for a hi-end tablet that transforms into a laptop according to user convenience.

Innovation Incorporation

The biggest competition that Microsoft has to face is with Apple. The ever-changing technology with each new upgrade in iPhone and iPad means that Microsoft needs to stay ahead of the competition. Even if innovation requires creating new features and making significant changes across its entire platform that will allow interaction between all the hardware components.

For all the above said reasons Windows8 is fast becoming a popular interface amongst technology users. Undoubtedly with all that is incorporated within one Window it is bound to attract maximum user interest.

Rising Trend in the Auto Industry – Reaching Out to NFC Technology Companies

Rising Trend in the adoption of NFC technology by Auto Industry

The technology of near field communications (NFC) has been growing by leaps and bounds in the last couple of years and many technology providers who have been providing mobile software application services have jumped in to NFC bandwagon. NFC Technology business application developers have been continuously establishing relationships with the Auto majors to come out with such innovative NFC applications. If the trend seen in the recent CES 2013 show is anything to go by, NFC technology is going to continue on its strong growth trajectory in the coming years. One industry vertical on which the NFC technology companies are betting big is the Automobile industry. NFC companies are trying to come out with a series of NFC applications used in streaming content and transferring data in the automobiles.

NFC in Auto Industry

Most of the cars in different utility segments come with state of the art entertainment, infotainment and navigation features built in to it. NFC technology providers have been doing significant research on the usage of wireless connectivity inside the cars. Wireless connectivity inside the cars has become critical in transferring content from various personal tablets and smart phone devices to the entertainment and navigation systems used in the car. These wireless systems would eventually replace the existing expensive cabling system for communication and data transfer inside the car.

NFC Chips for Vehicles

NFC Technology developers such as Texas Instruments have come out with a NFC chip that helps in achieving wireless connectivity in side cars. The new system called the WiLink 8Q system-on-chip family integrates technologies such as NFC, WI-Fi, Blue tooth and GNSS to achieve wireless communication between the device used by the driver and devices owned by the different passengers sitting in side the car. NFC enabled tablets and smart phones require a NFC tag to engage in NFC enabled data communication. One can buy NFC tags in e-Commerce portals such as Amazon. Texas instrument is planning to come out with a prototype of the equipment model in the 2nd quarter of 2013. They are planning to start production in early 2014. This solution has been developed for auto manufacturers that manufacture cars in high volumes.

NFC Car Keys for opening Hotel Rooms

Among the different NFC technology manufacturers, Ving Card Elsafe is one company that has been specializing in coming out with hotel key cards based on NFC technology. Ving Card Elsafe has partnered with BMW to develop a new technology that would enable car drivers to book hotel rooms from their cars and use their car keys to open the room. This would be very much useful for business travelers who are in constant need of last-minute hotel bookings.

Using the built-in navigation system available in side the BMW car, BMW car drivers can search for the nearby hotels that are within the range of NFC standards. The driver can select a particular hotel and complete the booking from their BMW car. Once the reservation is complete, the vehicle navigation system informs the driver regarding the room number in the hotel and also guides the driver to that particular hotel. The access code that is required for opening the hotel room door gets downloaded automatically to the NFC enabled car key. BMW drivers can walk past the hotel check in counter and directly enter the booked room. Drivers can use their NFC enabled car key to open the Vingcard Elsafe Contact less door lock.