Internet Threats and Filtering Internet Packets

Internet, threats and vulnerabilities: Introduction

Internet is becoming the primary source for information and entertainment. Daily a huge number of users visit the Internet for their concerned purposes of whom there are people of every ages. Be it a classroom, office, home PC or an Internet Cafe the access to the Internet is extensive and could be used for simply anything. With so much going on over the internet, there is one more thing Internet has been made a source for – Cybercrimes.

Hackers and explicit content providers have made internet a great source for their works as there is a less risk involved in internet activities and the possibilities are limitless. Internet offers them privacy, ease of marketing and less risk which is why many illegal works are carried out over the internet. When you connect to the Internet and open up your browser window you are basically opening a window to all those internet threats and are open to any sort of illegal activities. One click and there you go! Being over 18 years of age doesn’t mean that you are safe from all internet threats. Anyone can be a victim of it. These threats may include virus attacks, ID theft, stealth of personal information, scam, and of course porn.

If you just think about all these threats for a second then you would realize how much we are open an unsecured against them and how little our security is to prevent such internet threats. You do that and then open up any news website to see how many news clippings you can get for people becoming a victim of internet threats. Believe me, you will find hundreds and thousands of such examples not only on individual level but on organizational level too and not just small organizations got victimized due to it but also large organizations with huge networks and security systems got their data stolen or someone hacked into their bank vault and stole all the money. This all is very hard to avoid but precaution is the best way of prevention.

Filtering Internet Packets

Data over the internet is sent in the form of packets so filtering the data sent over the internet could be referred to as filtering internet packets. For instance, if you want to enable an enhanced security on your home PC to observe the activity of your kid and to make sure he/she stays out of any illegal traffic, you can install a Packet Filtering Software. This software will be filtering internet packets and also will be maintaining a log of all the activities. Packet Filtering Software Products have become so intelligent these days that they can even read the activities in a chat room. You will be able to create custom filters just in case if you need to block any of the illegal websites so when the user will try to access it, it will redirect him/her to a custom webpage warning them to not to visit the website. This way you will pretty much be able to get rid of porn websites and illegal chat activities. One of the best features you will get with these Packet filtering Software Solutions is that they can be hid so the user would not even feel that his/her activity is getting tracked down and will continue to use the PC normally.

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