Why More Businesses Are Turning to the Internet For Exposure

Today there are more than 50 million websites in the Internet. The number of people using the Internet each day is more than the population of many countries. The Internet was considered a phenomenon ten years back. Today, it is just part of our daily routine. That is how much the Internet has influenced our everyday lives. Many people nowadays do their shopping, bill payments, movie watching, playing games, chatting and even working, all in the Internet. It seems that the whole world is now in the Internet. And where the people goes, businesses also goes.

Almost all the major companies in the world has a website of their own. Many small businesses also use the Internet to publisize their products and services. So why are most businesses hitching a ride on the Internet world? Could you have your own business in the Internet? Would you for that matter? The answer is obvious. If you haven’t yet created your own website for your business, than you should seriously consider doing so now. The advantages of having your business displayed on a website in the Internet is almost unparrellel compared to other methods.

So how exactly does having you own website differ from an outlet in the real world? In the real world, the most important thing about your outlet is its location. Major companies all have their headquarters in the middle of a buzzling city. Simple because that is where most people are. If they had their headquarter in a rural or country side area, the number of customers would definitely be less. In the real world, it is all about the location of your office and outlet. Is it easily accessible to people? Is it easily found? Is it in the middle of a busy and congested area? Is it located in a place where people find it easier to spot and remember? In the real world, all these questions have to be answered when selecting your office.

But on the Internet, all those questions are not important anymore. In fact, they are actually none existent anymore. Because in the Internet, everyone and anyone can find you. Location is no more a matter of concern, since there is no physical ground in the Internet. Since everything is digital, it does put the all the major companies and even the smaller ones, in an even playing field. Of course there is one very important element to make sure you do succeed and do not end up like the many websites that remain invisible to the rest of the Internet audience. I will explain this element later on.

Another huge advantage of the Internet? How about cheaper set up cost and maintenance. Now I am not implying that setting up your own website is cheap. But depending on the type of website that you would like to have, the price can differ. A simple navigated website with very simple functions should cost you somewhere in the thousands. A complex website with lots of functions can cost you up to the mid tens of thousands. And than there is maintenance. Yes it does sound expensive, but consider how much you have to spend when you open a new outlet. There is the office rent, renovation works, new workers salary and so much more. With an office, your recurring cost, such as electrical bill, water bill, workers salary are all expenses that you have to deal with every single month. In just one year, you will be luck if your expenses has not hit the hundred thousand mark. Ah, now the option of setting up a website doesn’t look that expensive anymore.

Talking about cost, how about cost effectiveness? Advertising in the Internet is by no means cheap. Advertising with the best websites can cost you thousands for a single day. But look at it in a different way. Let’s say you advertise in a giant billboard in the middle of a busy city. Advertisement for one month will cost you thousands to tens of thousands. Let’s say that for that one month of advertising, your billboard was visible to one million people. Quite a good figure to say the least, but what if you advertised in the Internet? Let’s say you advertised with Yahoo for one day, which will cost you more than a thousand. But that advertisement for just one day will be visible to more than tens of million people. You get much more audiences for your money and in less time. Talk about cast and time effectiveness!

Another huge advantage is your business radius will grow incredibly. If you are a local company and hasn’t yet broken into the International scene, the Internet is the first place to start. Instead of only selling in your region or country, using the Internet will bring your product that international audience. You can also use the Internet to determine whether or not the country your business is trying to enter, has the demand for your product or service to make your business succeed.Even if your business is not a large scale business or a giant corporation, the Internet will still be valuable to you.

Let’s say for example that you own a small book store. People from a radius of five kilometers will visit your store. Outside that radius, the customers are going to another book store, your competitor. Now you’ve set up your own website for that bookstore letting people know of the titles that you have in your bookstore. People from outside your initial radius will notice you more. If they find that you have a book that they want, and that your competitor doesn’t have, they will travel to your store to buy them. Great! If you have your own delivery system, or has set up one with your local courier service? Excellent! And if your visitors found out that you are selling the books slightly cheaper than your competitor? You are the leader in your field, hands down! Having said all that, can you even imagine what would happen to your business if it was your competitor who set up a website and you didn’t. I am sure you can see the advantages of having your own website as well the dangers of not having one!

Now I will explain about the important element to make sure your website does not remain invisible. After you’ve created your website, it is still invisible. There is no way for anyone to find it, yet. There are a few methods to make your website visible to your target audience. The most effective long run strategy is to get listed in Yahoo and Google. While it is free to get submitted in, it will take a long time before you can achieve a high ranking in them. As your customers grow, and your website is constantly updated, your ranking in the search engines will also grow. This method is a must as it is free and it could give you thousands of free visitors every month in the near future.

Another way to get noticed is to advertise. Depending on your budget, there are a few options for you. If you have a huge budget, you can directly advertise with Yahoo by placing a banner about your website there. If you have a tight budget, you can use Google Adsense. Google will place ads for your website in many other websites, and each time someone clicks on those ads and arrive at your website, you pay Google a certain fee. This method is called pay-per-click. You are paying them for each and every visitor that they send to you. The fee is quite reasonable, and depending on your business topic and competition, the price per click can range anywhere from one cent to even one dollar

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